A Fossil Hunter's Guide to Mars

Comments and Reviews

"Sir Charles has done a stellar job in identifying fossils on Mars"
                                            - Dr. David Livingston
                                              Host of The Space Show

“There is no question that these are sand dollars- biological markings of not complex life but life, really life on Mars.  I can see this very clearly, even with my two-dimensional vision.”
                                           -  Art Bell
                                              Host of Coast to Coast AM radio

“I know that your findings are correct; I can’t think of any other reasonable explanation.  Those are fossils, but to admit it is professional suicide!”
                                           -  Michael Fulton, PhD
esigner of NASA’s Deep Space One
                                              spacecraft power system

“Wow, to spend an hour with the man himself seeing the raw data- this is going to be the best book on Mars ever.”
                                           -  Dr. Charles Ostman
                                              UN Science Advisor and Nanotechnologist

“This is hard evidence of water on Mars.  Everything we have been told is wrong, Mars has water and weather just like Earth."
                                           -  Mike Hagan
                                              Host of Radio Orbit

“Life on Mars today would definitely be underground where the water is.”
Dr. Michio Kaku, PhD
                                             Theoretical Physicist

"I highly recommend it.  One of the best examples of a multimedia presented peer reviewable 'paper' on an arcane topic I've ever read."
                                           - Keith Laney
                                             Astronomical Image Processor

"Sir Charles' refutation of NASA's numerous obfuscations, which he does easily and severally, I found entertaining.  In any event, for any with interest in the subject of past and/or present life on Mars, and demonstrable fossils thereof, 'A Fossil Hunter's Guide to Mars' is, in a word, groundbreaking.  Unless I miss my guess, in future years this study shall be highly regarded, indeed.  I'd buy it if I were you."
                                           - Kenneth Johnson
                                             Sand Point, Alaska

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